The prompt notifies a user that RCS messaging in the Samsung Messages app is based on Google’s implementation of the feature to enable richer, faster, and higher quality messaging. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 … Advanced Messaging varies by smartphone and software version of both the sender and the recipient. I know how to make RCS work on Samsung S20 series, but you have to switch to Google messages first. If you cannot see an option in the settings for Messages app - then it means your provider does not want to enable it for some reason. Thus, it seems Samsung is dedicated to enable RCS on all eligible phones soon. How to Enable RCS Messaging in Android 10 – For several years, iPhone users have been able to enjoy the advantages of iMessage while Android users have been stuck with the traditional SMS messaging. Look for more phones to be added in the future. Today, a trick has emerged that appears to enable RCS on any Android device and carrier. A couple of months ago, we also reported that Google brought RCS support to its messaging application in India. 2. join the beta program(may take a few minutes) and update the Messages app to beta version. my unlocked ultra is missing the option to enable RCS and video calls. I will wait until samsung provides an update before checking to see if google rcs has made it to samsung messages 0 Likes Share. Aside from being charged for every text message, Android users have been missing out on a lot of cool features new messaging technologies like iMessage bring. Posted to Reddit ( u/NashRadical , u/sh0ch , u/LinkofHyrule ), this trick to enable RCS in Messages … Reply. 3. restart your phone & turn off your wifi connection. Here’s how to enable RCS messaging on your Android phone. Once installed, open the Messages app . The feature works over both cellular data and Wi-Fi, which means it can work even when you don’t have cellular signal reception. Steps to enable RCS or Chat feature on Google Messages Below are the steps to use RCS on your Android device: Turn off wifi (some phones may not continue with the setup when this is on). Speaking of which, Galaxy S9 units in Germany have now bagged support for RCS. If you want to use RCS regardless of provider - keep using Google Messages instead. 1. go to play store & download Google Messages. If you haven’t already, download Google’s Messages app . Samsung gives the ability to enable or disable it to individual providers, they do not enable it for everyone. I am being told it's on the carriers to support but the carrier phones have it enabled. And just a few days ago, the Galaxy A70 got support for the feature in the US. RCS has been in the pipeline for some time now, but it’s finally arrived on Android properly. The newest version of Advanced Messaging, RCS Universal Profile (UP) 1.0, is available for a growing list of popular smartphones. Enable video over LTE, RCS, and other carrier features on U.S. unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 20.